• Gariguette
  • Cigaline
  • Ciflorette
  • Candiss
  • Cireine
  • Elsanta
  • Cijosée
  • Cirafine
  • Charlotte
  • Capella
  • San Andreas
  • Portola
  • Rubis des Jardins
Fraise Gariguette

plant de fraise Gariguette
Out of copyright - Breeder INRA (France)

  • Early season strawberry
  • Can be double cropped on soiless culture
  • Bi-conical and regular shape, medium size
  • Red orange to bright red, homogeneous, darkens very little
  • Very glossy
  • Firm flesh
  • High acidity, flavour good to very good
  • Storage quality medium to good
Fraise Cigaline

fraise Cigaline
Protected variety - Breeder CIREF (France)

  • Very early season strawberry
  • Light to dark orange fruits
  • Very attractive and glossy fruits
  • Firmness and skin resistance higher than Gariguette or equal
  • Lower flavour but much more balanced organoleptic quality compared to Gariguette
Fraise Ciflorette

fraise Ciflorette
Protected variety - Breeder CIREF (France)

  • Early variety
  • Top of the range strawberry
  • Use protected cultivation for early production to promote second flowering in spring
  • Cropping season : as Gariguette
  • Attractive fruit
  • Excellent taste and flavour, superior to Gariguette
  • Regular and consistent taste
  • Greatly appreciated by consumers for its taste and flavour
  • Second cropping in june/july
fraise Candiss

fraise Candiss
Protected variety - Breeder CIREF (FRANCE)

  • Darselect early season area
  • Variety with a high vegetative development
  • High yielding potential
  • Very sweet fruits with much flavor
  • Very little misshapen fruits
  • Good skin and flesh firmness of the fruits
  • The fruits are keeping their color and their shine after been kept in fridges
Fraise Cireine

fraise Cireine
Protected variety - Breeder CIREF (France)

  • Mid early season strawberry
  • Vermilion to bright red
  • Very attractive and glossy fruits
  • Good consumer acceptance due to its overall appearance and well balanced organoleptic characteristics
Fraise Elsanta

fraise Elsanta
Protected variety - Breeder PRY (The Netherlands)

  • Main season variety
  • Light to dark red orange homogeneous
  • Medium gloss
  • Resistant skin
  • Firm flesh, bright to medium red, heterogeneous
  • High yields (from 600 to more than 1 kg per plant)
  • Good soil requirements
Fraise Cijosée

fraise Cijosée
Protected variety - Double cropping - Breeder CIREF (France)

  • Parentage : Mara des Bois
  • Beautiful conical fruit
  • Bright red that darken very little, glossy fruits, nice attractivity
  • Organoleptic quality as SEASCAPE
  • Rather juicy and thinny flesh, medium acidity
Fraise Cirafine

fraise Cirafine
Protected variety - Double cropping - Breeder CIREF (France)

  • Parentage : Mara des Bois
  • Nice attractivity
  • Elongated fruit fitted to French market
  • Preservation better than Mara des Bois
  • Good taste as Mara des Bois
  • Well balanced between sugar/acidity, aromatic in the mouth, well appreciated by overall taster
  • Flesh firmness as Mara des Bois, but skin firmness higher.
Fraise Charlotte

fraise Charlotte
Protected variety - Double cropping - Breeder CIREF (France)

  • Parentage : Mara des Bois.
  • Blood-red colour, bonne aptitude à colorer en période automnale.
  • Good consumer acceptance due to its organoleptic characteristics (taste and flavour).
  • Resistant skin in spite of a not very high Durofel level.
  • Good storage quality : attractive fruits and light susceptibility to bruising.
  • Good adaptation to soilless culture.
fraise Capella

fraise Capella
Protected variety - Breeder la Ferme Fruitière de la Hautière (44 - France)

  • Hardy and rather vigorous plant
  • Beautiful fruits and good size
  • Excellent firmness
  • Excellent sweetness/acidity balance
  • Consistent flavour after the harvest period
We are exclusive distributors of Capella in France.
fraise San Andreas

fraise San Andreas
Protected variety - Double cropping - Breeder Université de Californie - Gérant de la licence : Eurosemillas

  • Rustic and early
  • Regular yielding
  • Flavour sweet with little acidity
  • Big fruit : +/- 20 gr
  • Red fruit not darkening
  • Firm fruit
  • Very high yielding
  • Only a few runners grown for fruit production
fraise Portola

fraise Portola
Protected variety - Breeder Université de Californie - Gérant de la licence : Eurosemillas

  • Early variety
  • Standard gustative quality
  • Big fruit : +/- 21 gr
  • Ligth red and very shiny fruit
  • Very productive variety
fraise Rubis des jardins

fraise Rubis des jardins
Protected variety - Breeder CIREF (France)

  • Rustic plant
  • Suited to biological culture
  • Very free flowering, main production from mid-april to the end of june
  • Second cropping climate permitting
  • Original and good quality fruits
  • Its hardiness allows a cropping a second consecutive year.